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Prosecuting Attorney
Courthouse Suite 201
311 Grand Avenue
Bellingham, WA 98225

(360) 676-6784

David S. McEachran,  Prosecuting Attorney

January 2011 - January 2015

The Prosecuting Attorney is an elected position,  partisan, 4-year term. Duties are established by state constitution and statutes.

Mission: To represent the interests of the State of  Washington in the prosecution of criminal actions occuring within Whatcom County; to  provide legal advice to County officials and employees; to represent and defend the County  in all civil actions in which the County is a party.

Areas of responsibility include:

  •  District Court: Violation  of state statutes involving misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors committed by adults or  criminal traffic violations by juveniles 16 & over; representation of the State's  interest at involuntary commitment hearings relating to alcohol abuse.
  •  Superior Court: Violation of state statutes involving felonies committed by adults, and all crimes  committed by juveniles; Representation of the State's interest at involuntary mental  commitment hearings; Civil practice includes paternity establishment, enforcement of child  support orders, tort actions, and defense of lawsuits brought against the County.
  •  Appellate Courts: Handle appeals of lower court decisions to the Court of Appeals, Washington State Supreme  Court and potentially to the United States Supreme Court.
  •  Legal Advisor to all County departments including the County Council and County Executive.
  •  Crime Victim  Assistance: Assist victims of crime with restitution recoupment process, as a  legal advocate facilitating prosecution and as a referral source for community services. Special assistance for victims of sexual assault and domestic  violence.
  • Law Library: Prosecutor currently serves as Chair of the Whatcom County Law Library Board of Trustees.
    Law Library